Erasmia Pulchera Chinesis

The Erasmia Pulchera Chinesis is day-flying moth from Asia and has wings of electric blue, orange and neon green, from the Zygaenidae family of moths. The Japanese call it Satsumanishiki.

This lovely moth is one of the most sought-after specimens among collectors due to its vibrant colors.
Its wingspan reaches 2.6-3.4 inches. To see google images of this moth, click here.

Below is my interpretation of this rare moth. Using ink and watercolor on cold press 140lb watercolor paper, I used several reference images to re-create this beauty. To frame and display my version of the Erasmia Pulchera Chinesis, is cruelty free of course. I still have the original of this piece as well as fine art prints of her in my shop. Enjoy!

Erasmia Pulchera Chinesis - Moth - painted by Raeyn Smith. Visit
Erasmia Pulchera - Print
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Erasmia Pulchera Chinesis - Moth - Painted by Raeyn Smith. Visit RAEYNSMITH.COM

My favorite paint - and why!

I am one of those artists that is NOT precious with materials. I have been known to abuse my brushes, use “junky” paints and I don’t always follow techniques the same way that the masters did. I like to make art my way and paint to the beat of my own drum so please feel free to read along and take away tips/tricks that work for you and leave behind anything that makes you cringe.


My favorite paints

  • Golden Professional Artist paints. These are my luxury pick. I love acrylics and I use Golden Paints in my work when I paint on wood or canvas. I especially love Golden’s black and white paints because they cover so well.

  • Craftsmart, Deco Art and other mini bottles. Guys, the secret is out. I use these paints. I have zero shame about it and yep, I still sell my artwork. The trick is to use these paints knowing full well that you are going to need to do multiple layers, that you will mix them with other, nicer paints or that you are using them as “under painting” layers. I use these paints often and I truly love them. I don’t care what the art snobs have to say about it.

  • Dr. Ph Martin’s. I have a set of these liquid watercolor vials and I use them fairly often. I purchased the set because it was on sale. If I remember correctly, the set originally retailed for $60 and I found it on clearance for $15. It’s was kind of a no brainer that I would be buying it and trying this form of watercolor. I like the colors and Im happy that I bought the set. It opened the door to watercolor art for me and now, I am excited to try other water color mediums in time.

  • FW Inks by Daler Rowney. These are so much fun to use and you can play with them similarly to watercolor. If you add water to them you can get some very pretty translucent layers, you can also engage with wet mediums next to areas where you have use the ink in their true form and get some fun spidering, blooms or drips.

  • Holbein Acryla Gouache. Kinda like if watercolor and acrylic paint had a baby… I like these but honestly, I havent mastered using them yet. I incorporate them into lots of my work but I would like to learn more about them. They offer both watercolor like coverage and totally opaque coverage depending on how you use them.

  • Paint Markers. I incorporate Molotow and Posca paint markers into lots of my art. I love them both. Molotow seems to offer more variety in colors and the coverage seems slightly better but both are staples for me and I use them in almost every piece of art I make.

  • House Paint. Yep, you read that correctly. I do use house paints in my work sometimes. It just depends on the project and the color that I need. I usually get a sample made at Lowe’s and its a decent sized jar that lasts a while. Usually a sample is around $6 so you cant beat the price, especially if you need a lot of a particular color or you want to mix something up in quantity and not have to think about it.

  • Chalk Paint. I use this sometimes, but honestly its one of those paints that I am using because I have it. I don’t really love it, it’s just there and because I can grab it at an arm’s reach I use it.

I hope that this run down gives you a little insight into my haphazard painting practices and that you find some inspiration for your own work through this list. I’d love to hear what paints you are currently using and why you love or hate them. Leave me a comment with a link to your work if you feel like sharing, I’d love to see what you are creating with these and other paints.

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Guess what?! We're engaged!

Here is a photo heavy journey through our three official years together as a couple. Andrew and I were friends first for a while, talked about dating but we didn’t… until we did. Then it was like we had been together forever. The below photos are in no particular order - except for the ring ones… because I know most people want to see that and dont really care so much our silly face pics. Also, first up is probably the best photo of us I have. It was taken by Kristin Berry of The Dashing Ginger at an art show that I curated.

Our only pro photo! Captured by Kristin Berry (The Dashing Ginger) at an art show that I curated.

Our only pro photo! Captured by Kristin Berry (The Dashing Ginger) at an art show that I curated.

Engagement ring. Custom design by Lisa and Stephanie Jewelry
Engagement Ring - custom design by Lisa and Stephanie Jewelry

We had talked about getting engaged and decided to take some of the guess work out of it. We planned out my ring with a local artisan jeweler and selected stones together. Then I stepped out of conversation and Andrew took care of the rest. We had our wedding set made by Lisa and Stephanie Jewelry in Seminole Heights Florida. We kept our bands simple but added a handmade look to them, allowing Lisa and Stephanie the ability to do what they do best… create beautiful pieces of one of a kind jewelry.

My engagement ring features a trio of diamonds. The center stone is a red diamond that has an organic ombre transition from a deep rust red to a subtle peachy tone. My side stones are flawless canary yellow, brilliant cut diamonds.

Below is a collection of photos from the last three years of our love story.

Teresa and Andrew - at Cris Stapelton concert in Tampa Florida
Teresa and Andrew - Vending Art at ARTPool Crafty Fest
Teresa and Andrew - Riverwalk date in Tampa Florida
  • Us at a Cris Stapleton concert in Tampa Florida

  • Vending at Crafty Fest, a monthly artistan market hosted by ARTPool Gallery where I sell my inset illustrations and other artwork.

  • From a day date where we walked around Curtis Hixon Park and the Riverwalk in Downtown Tampa Florida.

Teresa and Andrew - Savanna Road Trip
Teresa and Andrew - Cris Stapelton concert
  • From our road trip to Savannah GA for my birthday.

  • Another picture from that Cris Stapleton concert.

Teresa and Andrew - Berns Steakhouse 2017 Anniversary
Teresa and Andrew - Berns Steakhouse 2018 Anniversary

In 2017 and 2018 we celebrated back to back anniversaries at a iconic Tampa restaurant. I basically wore the exact same outfit both times without realizing it until I complied this photo collection for this blog post.

Teresa and Andrew - When I showed my art at OPUS 2018
Teresa and Andrew, celebrating St.Patricks Day in Ybor City Florida
Teresa and Andrew, hanging out at Nude Nite to support Mark Williams and Macy Higgins
  • Us being goofy at OPUS in 2018. I showed a collection of paintings in that show.

  • (upper, top right) Enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Ybor City Florida. I think it was 2018.

  • (upper, bottom right) Being weird at Nude Nite in 2017. We went to celebrate the amazing talent of our wonderful friend Mark Williams.

Selfie Mode - Teresa and Andrew at Gasparilla Music Fest

Stealing a kiss while at Gasparilla Music Festival, Downtown Tampa in 2018.


The proposal

Andrew and I celebrated one of my two favorite holidays, 4th of July (the other is Halloween) by visiting the beach where each year regular Joe’s invest in some INSANE fireworks and its basically one of the most impressive pyrotechnic displays I’ve seen to date. We’re talking timed launches and the whole 9 yards guys.

While I attempted to get the perfect boomerang of some sparkling explosions, Andrew stealthily got down on one knee behind me… I got my boomerang and turned around to show him and was surprised by a whole new set of fireworks. He asked, I said yes. It was a perfectly private moment that happened on a public beach. It was exactly right and I couldn’t be happier with how he planned it out.

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Forever gonna be my fave day!

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annnnnnnnd just in case you want to see the fireworks I snagged with my boomerang, literally seconds before I said YES.