Sunset Moth

Sunset Moth

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Sunset Moths are native and only habitat Madagascar where it is diurnal, meaning active during the day. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and impressive moths. The Sunset Moth the is colourful but part of its wings actually do not have any pigmentation – the colours are actually an optical interference.

Original - Acrylic Ink and Watercolor on 140lb CP Watercolor paper. Comes framed, as shown.

Prints - Acid free inks, printed on 310GSM CP Watercolor paper.

Shipping - Shipped within 5 business days from the United States following receipt of payment. As a collector you have the option select a shipping method of your choice and will be billed at cost for shipping at checkout.

Returns and Exchanges / Cancellations - Due to the nature of my creative business, I don’t accept returns or exchanges/cancellations.

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